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Open Post [06 Nov 2012|10:18am]

See that little boy? Quite the happy, handsome little devil isn't he?

He also has autism. He was diagnosed on 8/1/2012. It was determined in early February 2013 that he has classic autism/autistic disorder.

Why is this significant?

When you speak hatred against those who receive government support or against those those who struggle with mental or cognitive disabilities, you speak against him and his peers.

It's easy to spew hate when there's no face to those of whom you speak. It's easy to make blanket statements that are downright despicable, especially on the internet.

I want you to see his face. I want you to know how beautiful and amazing his peers are who are also learning how to live with their diagnoses, be it autism or something else. I want you to think of this gentle boy and so many others like him who will loose out on SO much if their programs are cut away to oblivion and the funding for their care destroyed.

They are not beggars, loafers or leeches. They are part of the most precious resource we, as a soceity, have: our future. These children and adults are here to teach us compassion, understanding, and best yet - how to see the world through a very different lens.

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